How To Decorate Our Wedding Garden Gazebo

How To Decorate Our Wedding Garden Gazebo

As the main ceremony location for brides and grooms, the garden gazebo provides a beautiful, elegant backdrop to your wedding ceremony. It has a simplistic beauty on its own, with twinkling lights strung up all year round, but many choose to add a bit of their own flair for their wedding day. We love to see what each couple does to bring their unique style with florals, drapery, or lighting. Here are a few ideas as you’re planning your own wedding day with us!

wedding party under garden gazebo

Keeping It Simple
We designed the gazebo to have a great foundation on its own, and many couples choose to keep it clean and elegant. There are twinkling lights under the roof, making it a perfect spot to say “I Do” as the twilight hours descend. Plus, your bridesmaids and bouquets add the perfect pop of color!

Classy and Elegant With Drapery
This may be one of our favorite designs of all time. The drapery and floral elements adds such a drama to the gazebo, and it is so simple to do! Plus, this couple added props inside the gazebo to bring some dimension to the background. We love how classy and elegant our gazebo looks, and it made for some beautiful photos.

A Bohemian Twist
This couple was truly wild at heart, and we love seeing their style reflected in their floral decor. They created an arch using sunflowers and hydrangeas, and it perfectly framed them throughout their wedding ceremony. It brought the perfect boho element to the garden and greenhouse, and we can’t wait to see something like this again!

If you have any questions about our greenhouse and gardens for your wedding ceremony or are interested in a virtual tour of our wedding venue, please contact us. We would love to plan your day with you!

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