About Us

About Us


Mystical Rose Gardens is the continuation of a vision that began over 30 years ago. It had its humble beginnings with a young man and his family, one greenhouse, and a love of horticulture. As years passed, the family and business grew and became a well-loved destination known as Anderson Plant Farm. Visitors came from miles around to enjoy the beautiful flowers and a friendly cup of coffee. They always returned home with a happy heart and car-load of plants for their gardens.

The vision turned suddenly with the accidental death of this beloved man. Many hearts grieved with sorrow and desolation as greenhouses were dismantled, taken away, and the beauty of much love and many years was flattened to the ground. All seemed lost and forgotten.

Over those years of life and growth, millions of seeds had been carefully planted. But then, even through the darkness of death one tiny seed began to sprout and grow - the seed of love of green things and all that is good and serene in this world. Ideas and inspirations began to blossom into gardens and pathways; hopes and dreams into a citadel of retreat, reflection and respite.

Many things have changed since those wonderful days of Anderson Plant Farm. But one thing remains - the seed of love which presses on towards its final goal. It is our hope that now the visitor will leave this place, not with a car-load of plants, but with a heart overflowing with heavenly gifts. It is our hope that by entering through the Gate of Heaven into the solitude and silence of the mystical gardens that the weary soul will find strength for the journey home.
* Written 2008.

Rejoice in our suffering, suffering produces perseverance, perseverance - character and character - hope

... Romans 5:3



Mystical Rose Gardens is an apostolate that is inspired by the gifts of faith, hope and charity and was named in honor of a beautiful lady and her all-encompassing love. The colors, smells and sounds which enhance the gardens are a reflection of heavenly beauty; the flowers, specifically the rose, whisper a story of great love.

OUR MISSION is to nurture the contemplative dimension of life by creating a garden paradise - a place to be renewed and refreshed in the company of growing things. The countryside with its artistry of nature exudes serenity and peacefulness, and the miracle of a seed nourishes the senses of wonder and hope.

OUR VISION is to become a valued and highly respected asset to the community and surrounding areas. This value will be earned by our compassion, enthusiasm, generosity, sincerity and service in strengthening our society from the inside out, one heart at a time.

"If a seed in the black earth can turn into such beautiful roses, what might not the heart of man become in its long journey towards the stars?"

- G.K. Chesterston

This apostolate is dedicated to:

  • The Master Gardener whose idea this was in the first place
  • My dear mother, the Mystical Rose, whose intense love is my inspiration
  • My beloved (late) husband whose life of devotion and sacrifice has made this all possible
  • My faithful family and friends who are truly the flowers in the garden of life

-- Lori Anderson Faymoville

Mystical Rose Gardens is a commercial business; however, the events hosted here express ideas, and these ideas are linked to our facility. For this reason, we cannot and will not in good conscience host any event which does not respect the moral, ideological, and religious beliefs of Mystical Rose Gardens including but not limited to anything other than marriage between one man and one woman.



Mystical Rose Gardens takes pride in our community, and we regularly post news and announcements to keep you informed about our business.

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