Best Places To Take Wedding Pictures In Our Gardens

Best Places To Take Wedding Pictures In Our Gardens

At Mystical Rose Gardens, you don’t have to go too far to find beautiful locations for your wedding portraits. We designed our property to provide unique and gorgeous nooks for you and your new spouse to sneak away and great some beautiful photographs! Here are some of our favorite spots around the gardens.

The Garden Entrance
This wooden pergola leads into the main garden and is often the entrance for the bride during the ceremony. Some photographers get creative with the entrance, and use it to frame the couple quite beautifully!

The Gazebo
Don’t limit the beauty of the gazebo to just your wedding ceremony! This is a beautiful location to enjoy a moment of peace with your new spouse. Plus, it gives us major “Sound of Music” memories, and we all love that!

The Greenhouse
Of course, the greenhouse is one of the most stunning photo backdrops on our property. The greenery is up year-round, and provides a dramatic environment to show off all your hard work with decorating. This is one of our favorite shots, a romantic dip & kiss of celebration!

The Swings
Part of the gardens go into the woods, where we’ve put up a romantic swing perfect for photos. The sun filters in just perfectly in the afternoon, providing a light and airy environment. Most couples don’t even know this little nook exists, and we’d be happy to show you on your tour.

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